KKLB Berlin / Museum of the Future

Can that which simply exists be Meaningful?

“The Museum of the Future” was incepted in the KKLB (art and culture in the former Swiss radio transmitter in Beromünster). From 2017 the “Museum” can be experienced with all senses in Berlin.

More than 300 KKLB visitors have expressed interest in the “Museum of the Future” on the occasion of a Berlin visit. They were inspired by the Museum concept in Beromünster where they got initially acqainted with it. Many among these visitors are travelling frequently to Berlin or are planning a quick side-tour to the German capital. For culture and arts lovers Berlin is anyway just around the corner.

For a “Museum visit” there’ll be guided tours of a maximum of 12 people. Participants will inform themselves about the dates and register via our website. The meeting point is the Berlin studio. Participants will sit on camp-chairs and be introduced to the theme through photographs and in theoretical discussions of the subject. Many years of speaking experiences about art with thousands of participants (KKLB | “Art in the Hospital” project) constitute a fertile ground in order to focus on and question both the visitors’ understanding of art as well as their expectations. Basic insights taken from Lucius Burkhardt’s “science walks”, for example, are part of the important preparatory work.

After the theoretical-discursive start-up, the concrete location, which the participants have seen on photographs, will be visited. Each participant gets a small drawing pad or will take along his or her own camera. The interplay of reality observation and photographic image (art), the personal conceptualization of the place based on the photographic image, and guided discussions constitute the midpoint for critical questions about the reality participants see.

You can register for this experience via the website (German) www.kklb-berlin.de. A conversation conducted by cultural journalist Pirmin Bossart provides further information about the project: read

KKLB Berlin is ready: here visitors get involved with the Berlin “Museum of the Future”. Afterwards, the participants visit the locations together in the streets.